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Please Call Valley Creek Crisis
If You Are You Experiencing Homelessness
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Peer Support & Decision Support Center

Every person with a mental illness has the potential for recovery.  Peer support is intended to inspire hope that recovery is possible, and to promote empowerment and self-determination in individuals who are suffering from severe and persistent mental illness, and who have the desire to achieve their own recovery.   Peer Support Services offers individuals, 18 years of age or older, support and the opportunity to exercise personal choice while building and working toward a plan for mental health recovery.  Peer Support Specialists offer themselves as role models for individuals to gain strength, support and a sense of wellbeing and self-worth. 

We offer peer support services to individuals 18 years and older who have challenges with a severe mental health diagnosis.

Our peer support specialists will help individuals develop the skills necessary to lead a meaningful life at home and in the community throughout their recovery.
Peer Specialists are NOT
Taxi Drivers
Personal Maids
Intensive Case Managers
Medication Managers

Decision Support Center (DSC)
Learn about their medications and how they can work best for them as well as update personal medicines
Learn about how to use Power Statements in their recovery
Watch inspirational and support videos of others in recovery
Health reports
Talk to the peer staff and get support in preparing for their appointments
Use the library to find resources to help in their recovery
Track their progress over time and view reports from the past
Get their own login to look at resources at home