If You Are Experiencing A Mental Health Emergency,
Please Call Valley Creek Crisis
If You Are You Experiencing Homelessness
Call 2-1-1

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Rapid Re-Housing

Homeless Services and Supportive Housing

Housing First Approach to housing those experiencing homelessness, quickly!
An average of 4-6 months of rental assistance
Assistance with security deposits and utility deposits
Supportive services component through case management
Located at our Market Street office

Six to twelve month program that provides case management services through the Housing Case manager to assist and ensure that families become self-sufficient
The case manager is required to see active families on a face-to face basis at least once a week for a minimum of one hour
As families become more self-sufficient and are nearing successful completion of the program, the intensity of direct series may decrease from weekly to every two weeks
Located at our Market Street office

The direct services provided include:
Formally assessing the family’s housing and financial needs
Developing a service plan with quantifiable and concrete goals with expected timeframes
Developing a budget with the family
Presenting families to the Housing Action team
Providing intensive support services to ensure the family can access, afford, and maintain appropriate housing and achieve financial stability in less than twelve months
Provide a stable and suitable living environment for their children that meet the requirements of CYF

Supportive Housing Program for
Children, Youth and Families

Rapid Re-Housing
Rental Assistance Program
SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery)
I and R (Information and Referral)•

Supportive Housing Program - CYF

    This is a referral-only program, with no open access.
    If you are homeless and need assistance call
​       2-1-1