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Forensic Programs

Exclusively At: 50 James Buchanan Drive Thorndale, Pa 19372

A complete Outpatient Referral must be submitted including a copy of sentencing sheet or court order. Clients will not be scheduled without complete information,

Anger Management/Domestic Violence Treatment Program 
Human Services, Inc. provides a structured and time-limited domestic violence treatment program for men and women who have been perpetrators of family violence, and adolescents who have difficulties with anger management.  Referrals are accepted from attorneys, therapists, probation officers, and the court before or after sentencing.  Voluntary referrals are also accepted.
The program provides an evaluation of offending behaviors and mental health issues. Referrals for psychiatric evaluations or medication management may be included. Though primarily a group program, individual and couples therapy are available.  Specialized groups include a female offender group, adolescent anger management groups, and ongoing support groups. Staff also provides training for other organizations on prevention and treatment of domestic violence.

Retail Theft Program
Human Services, Inc. provides a Retail Theft Program for persons who have been convicted of shoplifting.  The program receives referrals from district justices, common pleas court, and probation departments.  The program provides assessment to determine the contributing factors in the shoplifting behavior, an individualized treatment plan and recommendations, a psycho-educational program consisting of six hours of audiotapes and a workbook, six hours of group, and a report to the referral service concerning compliance, completion of program and recommendations.

Adult Sex Offender Program

The Adult Sex Offender program provides weekly group therapy to adjudicated adult sex offenders from Chester County and surrounding counties, on probation or parole, living in the community.  The population served includes male and female offenders, developmentally delayed, and individuals with mental illness.  The goal of the program is to prevent future sexual offending behavior.    The program provides a clinical evaluation of offending behaviors, past victim issues and mental health history.  The program provides an initial orientation group, weekly 1.5 hour group therapy, monthly and semi-monthly support groups, individual and couples therapy.  There are periodic education meetings, and staff provide training for organizations regarding sex offenders and victim issues.

Juvenile Sex Offender Program

The Juvenile Sex Offender Program provides group, individual, and family therapy to adjudicated juvenile sex offenders in an effort to prevent the repetition of sex-offending behavior.  The clinical evaluation includes an assessment of offending behavior and past victim issues, and risk assessment for placement in the community.  Groups meet weekly, and an aftercare group is available for adolescents who have been in residential placement. Clients range in age from 13 to 20.  Most are court referred and are on probation, but voluntary referrals and those from Children, Youth and Family Services, and other placement agencies are accepted. Parent education and consultation is provided on a regular basis.  Staff provide training for other organizations on juvenile sex offenders and related victim issues.